ESM Evaluation Toolkit




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Simulator package


- The CFMIP Observation Simulator Package - COSP (including CALIPSO, CloudSat, ISCCP, MISR, RTTOV, TRMM, MODIS, PARASOL simulators) 




Correlation between cloud properties


- 2D histogram of instantaneous cloud reflectance (PARASOL) and cloud fraction (CALIPSO):



- Relationship between instantaneous cloud reflectance (PARASOL) and vertical profile of cloud      fraction (CALIPSO):


- Joint height-SR histogram of Scattering Ratio (CALIPSO):



Clustering methods


- Mean Cloud Top Pressure (CTP) - Cloud Optical Depth (τ) clusters (ISCCP):


- Cloud Regime Error Metric describing the ability of models to simulate the correct radiative properties and frequency of occurrence of large-scale cloud regimes:



Compositing methods


-         Climatology of Midlatitude Storminess, allowing to composite cloud properties in the area of influence of midlatitude storms


-         Tropical ElNino Southern Oscillation Anomaly Database