9 May 2011 - The EUCLIPSE WP2 has now officially started.

Posted by Sandrine Bony

The EUCLIPSE WP2 entitled "Climate model evaluation and analysis" has now officially started. This WP is largely focused on the analysis of CMIP5 simulations.
After an incredible amount of collective work and efforts over several years, global modeling centers now reach the stage where they can start distributing the outputs from their CMIP5 simulations. As of today, a subset of data from 9 climate models (including 3 EUCLIPSE models:
CNRM-CM5, HadGEM2-ES and IPSL-CM5A-LR) is available on the CMIP5 data portal . Many more models, experiments and outputs will be available in the next few weeks and months.

Then it is time for us to start analyzing these data and to address the three main objectives of WP2:
- To evaluate the simulation of clouds, precipitation and radiation by climate and weather prediction models, point out systematic and compensating errors, and develop cloud metrics
- To investigate whether and how the simulation of cloud and moist processes influences the simulation of the current climate (e.g. large-scale circulation, precipitation, intra-seasonal to inter-annual variability, temperature extremes over Europe)
- To quantify and to interpret the inter-model spread of climate sensitivity estimates and of the cloud and precipitation responses to climate change predicted by ESMs.