WP4: Sensitivity Experiments and Hypothesis Testing

The goal of this work-package is to develop and test hypotheses proposed to explain inter-model spread in cloud feedback and climate sensitivity in ESMs. By building on results from the other work packages we here ask: What have we (really) learned? We intend to answer this question by creatively and rigoreously testing our developing ideas. This work-package will not only integrate ideas, but also methodologies. For this reason it will begin its activity before the activities of the other WPs are complete, in part to allow a seamless transition from the phase of idea development to the phase of idea testing, but also to develop familiarity with the diagnostic techniques being developed by the other work packages.

For practical purposes the work in this package will be broken down into several tasks:

  • Evaluate unusual behaviour
  • Developing and Testing Parameterization Improvements
  • Establish observational metrics

WP4 is chaired by Bjorn Stevens