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The 3rd EUCLIPSE General Assembly meeting was held from May 29 till June 1 2012 in Paris, France and was hosted by the Met Office, United Kingdom.
This was a combined CFMIP - GCSS Boundary Layer Cloud Working Group - EUCLIPSE meeting. The workshop on " The role of cloud processes and feedbacks in the climate system ", was organized jointly by EUCLIPSE (European Union Cloud Intercomparison, Process Study and Evaluation Project) and by CFMIP (Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project) in the center of Paris, on the "Campus des Cordeliers", UPMC, 15 rue de l'Ecole de Medecine, 75006 Paris, France from May 29 to June 1st 2012 .

During the first 3 days the meeting consisted of short oral presentations (~ 10-15 minutes) and breakout group discussions on three main topics:

1. The evaluation of (CMIP5) model clouds using observations and process models.
What are the systematic errors of current models in terms of clouds and radiation? A greater focus wil be put on the issue of compensating errors (e.g. the "too few to bright cloud problems"): its documentation in climate models (based on comparisons between model outputs and satellite observations and/or in-situ observations) and its interpretation in terms of processes.

2. The role of cloud processes in large-scale atmospheric dynamics.
How does the representation of clouds and convection in climate models control the structure of the ITCZ, the simulation of tropical variability (e.g. MJO and ENSO) and climate extremes?

3. The role of cloud processes in climate adjustments and feedbacks.
What physical processes control the fast adjustments to increased CO2 and cloud feedback in the different models? What are the robust responses? How do responses predicted by climate models compare with those from explicit models (LES, CRM)? How do we interpret the inter-model spread of temperature and precipitation projections in climate change? Can we put some observational constraints on cloud feedbacks?

The 4th day of the meeting focus was on practical issues related to EUCLIPSE European project(next steps, update on cross-cutting issues, book, etc.).

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