Preliminary Program


Joint EUCLIPSE - CFMIP meeting on

" The role of cloud processes and feedbacks in the climate system”

May 29th - June 1st 2012 in Paris, France.


TUESDAY May 29th



08:15 AM              Registration & coffee


                Introductions, overviews

09:30 AM               Welcome, logistics, objectives

09:45 AM               S. Bony/M.Webb: CFMIP en CMIP5

10:00 AM               P. Siebesma: EUCLIPSE

10:15 AM               H. Chepfer: Overview of CFMIP-obs.

10:30 AM              coffee break

                Multi-model evaluations

11:00 AM               A. Bodas-Salcedo: Evaluation of CFMIP2 models using COSP: the role of clouds in the

radiation budget over the Southern Ocean.

11:15 AM               S. Klein: Are cloud simulations improving in CMIP models? Evaluation with ISCCP simulator output.

11:30 AM               C. Nam: Compensating errors in the vertical distribution and optical properties of clouds amongst

several  CMIP5 general circulation models found using CALIPSO, PARASOL, and CERES satellite


11:45 AM               J.-L. Li: Radiation Budget, Cloud Water Content and Precipitation Evaluation of CMIP3 and CMIP5

20th Century Simulations: Implications for Neglecting Precipitating Hydrometeors on Radiation.

12:00 PM              Y.Tsushima: Assessment of the Seasonal Variation of Cloud Regimes in CMIP5 AMIP experiments.

12:15 PM              Discussion

12:30 PM              LUNCH   (on site)

                Climate Sensitivity

02:00 PM              J. Vial: Toward a better understanding of the inter-model spread of climate sensitivity estimates as

diagnosed from CMIP5 climate models.

02:15 PM              L. Tomassini: A CMIP5 model inter-comparison of climate change feedbacks.

02:30 PM              O. Geoffroy: A new method to determine the adjusted radiative forcing, the equilibrium climate

sensitivity and the transient radiative feedback function using a two-box energy balance model.

02:45 PM              J.-L. Dufresne: Estimates of forcing, feedback and dynamical characteristics of the CMIP5 models.

03:00 PM              Discussion

03:15 PM              coffee break and

03:30 PM              Poster viewing additional to the lunch periods (see page 4).

03:45 PM

04:00 PM

04:15 PM

                Adjustments & feedbacks

04:30 PM              S. Bony: Effect of increased CO2 on tropical precipitation.

04:45 PM              T. Ogura: Importance of instantaneous radiative forcing to tropospheric adjustment.

05:00 PM              Y. Kamae: Timescale and the role of land-sea contrast in the tropospheric adjustment.

05:15 PM              U. Lohmann: Impact of cloud microphysics on cloud feedback and climate sensitivity.

05:30 PM             

05:45 PM              Discussion

06:00 PM              (& preparation BOGs)

06:15 PM              session ends






                Cloud feedbacks

09:00 AM               K. Bellomo: An observational constraint on the cloud feedback.

09:15 AM               M. Webb: Coupling between subtropical cloud feedback and the local hydrological cycle in a climate model.

09:30 AM               F. Brient: Interpretation and evaluation of tropical lowclouds feedbacks in CMIP5 models.

09:45 AM               B. Medeiros: Cloud response in the CFMIP aquaplanet experiments.

10:00 AM               D. Popke: Investigation of the tropical atmosphere with a radiative-convective version of a comprehensive GCM.

10:15 AM               Discussion

10:30 AM              coffee break

                Cloud feedbacks (continued)

11:00 AM               A. Gettelman: Understanding climate sensitivity and cloud feedbacks in the evolution of a climate

model from CMIP3 to CMIP5.

11:15 AM               M. Watanabe: Using a multi-physics ensemble for exploring diversity in cloud-shortwave feedback

in GCMs.

11:30 AM               H. Shiogama: On the structural and parametric uncertainties of feedback, adjustment and climate


11:45 AM               H. Kawai: Characteristics of vertical structures of marine boundary layer clouds over mid-latitudes.

12:00 PM              G. Tselioudis: Poleward shift of midlatitude storms in the last 25 years derived from satellite cloud

retrievals and the resulting radiative effects.

12:15 PM              Discussion

12:30 PM              LUNCH and poster viewing             (on site)

                Cloud processes

02:00 PM              J. Kay: The Arctic cloud response to anthropogenic forcing and its impact on Arctic climate feedbacks.

02:15 PM              J. Karlsson: Evaluation of the present and projection into the future of Arctic climate and cloud-

radiation interactions.

02:30 PM              G. Svensson: Arctic clouds and their role for the surface energy balance.

02:45 PM              D. Bouniol: Analyses of CMIP5 simulations over the West African sites: cloudiness, radiation

and rainfall relationships.

03:00 PM              F. Guichard: The surface energy budget over land and its couplings with water vapour, convection and

clouds in CMIP5 climate simulations analysis of the West African cfSites.

03:15 PM              Discussion

03:30 PM              coffee break

                Cloud processes (continued)

04:00 PM              S. de Roode: LES results of the EUCLIPSE Lagrangians: entrainment, decoupling and cloud


04:15 PM              J.J. van der Dussen: LES sensitivity experiments of the EUCLIPSE stratocumulus to cumulus transition

based on ASTEX .

04:30 PM              R: Neggers: SCM results for the transition cases: Mapping the behaviour of boundary-layer clouds

                               as a function of stability under weakening inversions.

04:45 PM              Bretherton & Zhang: CGILS Intercomparison Update

05:00 PM              S. Dal Gesso: Estimating the low cloud radiative feedback in a perturbed climate from steady-states

of Scu-topped boundary layers: a SCM study

05:15 PM             

05:30 PM              Discussion

05:45 PM              (& preparation BOGs)

06:00 PM             

06:15 PM              session ends


 7:30 PM         Restaurant







09:00 AM               B. Moebis: Analyzing the double ITCZ phenomenon with ECHAM6 in aqua-planet mode.

09:15 AM               B. Oueslati: Sensitivity of ITCZ location and tropical large-scale circulation to lateral entrainment in

convective plumes.

09:30 AM               T. Crueger: The Madden-Julian-like oscillation in EHCAM6: Multivariate assessment of AMIP and

coupled experiments.

09:45 AM               R. Roehrig: Relationships between precipitation, clouds, radiation and large-scale tropical dynamics:

observational analysis and evaluation of CMIP5 models.

10:00 AM               J. Cattiaux: European temperature extremes in CMIP5 - present-day biases and future uncertainties.

10:15 AM               Discussion

10:30 AM              coffee break

                Clouds-dynamics (continued)

11:00 AM               R. Burgman: Low-level clouds drive persistent changes in atmospheric circulation and regional


11:15 AM               K.-M. Xu: Climate Simulation of the Seasonal Variations of the Eastern Pacific Deep Convection and

Low Clouds with a Multiscale Modeling Framework Model.

11:30 AM               M. Khairoutdinov: Climate and cloud response of the super-parameterized CAM with additional super-

parameterization of low-level clouds, a.k.a. SP-CAM with MiniLES.

11:45 AM               S. Xie: On the Correspondence between Short- and Long- Timescale Systematic Errors in

Transpose-AMIP models for the Year of Tropical Convection.

12:00 PM              D. Klocke: Comparing NWP methods to evaluate climate models.

12:15 PM              Discussion

12:30 PM              LUNCH and poster viewing             (on site)

                Breakout Groups

02:00 PM              4 BOGs in parallel

02:15 PM              BOG1 evaluation & metrics

02:30 PM              BOG2: cld feedbacks & adj

02:45 PM              BOG3: clds-dyn interactions

03:00 PM              BOG4: cld processes

03:15 PM             

03:30 PM              coffee break

                 Breakout Groups (continued)

04:00 PM              4 BOGs in parallel

04:15 PM              BOG1 evaluation & metrics

04:30 PM              BOG2: cld feedbacks & adj

04:45 PM              BOG3: clds-dyn interactions

05:00 PM              BOG4: cld processes

05:15 PM              Report

05:30 PM              from BOGs

05:45 PM              &

06:00 PM              discussion

06:15 PM              session ends


End meeting for non-EUCLIPSE participants



FRIDAY June 1st



                Overview WPs

09:00 AM               WP3: Status and next steps: S.R. de Roode

09:15 AM               WP2: Status and next steps: S. Bony

09:30 AM               WP4: Status and next steps: B. Stevens

                Cross-cutting Themes and Proposals

09:45 AM               Low-Cloud Feedbacks: S. Bony

10:15 AM               Cloud-Convection Dynamics: B. Stevens/T. Crueger                               

10:45 AM              coffee break

11:15 AM               Cloud Bias Characterizations: P. Siebesma/R. Neggers

11:45 AM               Sensitivity Experiments of soil moisture: C. Hohenegger/T. Crueger

12:00 AM               Cloud-aerosol sensitivities: U. Lohmann

12:15 AM               Proposal T-AMIP experiments: D. Klocke/M. Rodwell

12:45 PM              Final discussions + recap: P. Siebesma

13:00 PM              LUNCH

                Book and Summer school

02:00 PM              Book outline and Summer school: P. Siebesma/B. Stevens

02:15 PM              Presentations of chapter outlines

03:30 PM              coffee break


04:00 PM              Discussion of the chapter outlines plus next steps

05:00 PM              End Meeting




G. Cesana            Evaluation of the cloud water phase in a climate model using CALIPSO-GOCCP.

F. Cheruy              Combined Influence of atmospheric physics and soil hydrology on the simulated meteorology at the

SIRTA atmospheric observatory and in Europe.

S. Dal Gesso       EUCLIPSE intercomparison study on stratocumulus albedo estimated by different

GCM/NWP model radiation parametrizations. 

C. Franklin            Evaluating clouds in ACCESS using the satellite simulator package COSP.

O. Geoffroy, Dominique Bouniol, Françoise Guichard, Fleur Couvreux and Florence Favot           

Estimation of cloud radiative impacts over West Africa: seasonal and meridional patterns

C. Kodama, A. T. Noda, S. Iga and M. Satoh               

Cloud properties of the NICAM simulations under the realistic and aquaplanet conditions.

 D. Konsta, H. Chepfer and J.L. Dufresne

                               A process oriented evaluation of clouds simulated by the LMDZ5 GCM using A-train high

spatial resolution observations (CALIPSO-PARASOL-CERES).

M.J. Kurowski, H. Pawlowska, D. Jarecka   

Large-eddy simulations of stratocumulus to cumulus transition using EULAG.

C. Lacagnina and F. Selten            

EC-EARTH model biases in tropical clouds.

Li Lijuan, Dong Li, Huang Wenyu, Wang Yong and Wang Bin                               

Preliminary Evaluation of the Cloud Fraction Simulations by GAMIL2 using COSP.

S. de Roode and J. Sival  

Feedback effects of perturbed boundary conditions on stratocumulus equilibrium states.

M. Salzmann        Cloud Evaluation and Feedbacks in the new Max Planck Institute Earth System Model (MPI-ESM).

T. Toniazzo and S. Woolnough       

Development of warm SST errors in the southern tropical Atlantic in CMIP5 decadal hindcasts.

M.D. Zelinka, S.A. Klein, T. Andrews, M. Webb, P. Forster and J. Gregory           

Intercomparison of Cloud Feedbacks and Rapid Adjustments in CMIP5.