Agenda CFMIP/EUCLIPSE meeting, Hamburg, 10-14th June 2013                                         





(last updated 5 July, 2013)                                                                                                                   


            Monday June 10th                                                                                                                 


The morning session and registration are at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) Main Building, ZMAW Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Bundesstrasse 53.


8:30     Registration, welcome coffee and payment of conference fee of EUR 100 (cash)                            


            Presentation slots are for 15 minutes which includes 3 minutes for questions and discussion.        


9:30     Welcome, introduction and logistics (Bjorn Stevens)

9:45     EUCLIPSE Update (Pier Siebesma)

10:00    CFMIP Update (Sandrine Bony/Mark Webb)


            Cloud feedbacks, adjustments and climate sensitivity; Chairperson Steve Klein


10:15    Jessica Vial: On the interpretation of inter-model spread in CMIP5 climate sensitivity estimates.

10:30    Mark Zelinka: Contributions of Different Cloud Types to Feedbacks and Rapid Adjustments in CMIP5.

10:45    Mark Webb: Using high frequency data at site locations to understand cloud feedbacks in the CFMIP-2 models.

11:00    Brian Medeiros: Do idealized climate change experiments capture the response of realistic experiments?

11:15    Youichi Kamae: Mechanisms of tropospheric cloud adjustment to CO2 increase in CMIP5 models.

11:30    Tomoo Ogura: On the impact of instantaneous radiative forcing on tropospheric adjustment.


11:45    Discussion


12:00    Walk/take bus to Hofbräuhaus Restaurant, Esplanade 6, Hamburg (Bus number 4 runs every 10 minutes and bus number 5 every 5 minutes)

12:45    Lunch                                                                                                                                     

13:45    Walk to main conference venue:

            Max-Planck- Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Mittelweg 187



14:00    Check in at the main Conference venue


            Cloud feedbacks, adjustments and climate sensitivity (Continued)


14:30    Mark Ringer: Response of clouds and radiation to transient CO2 forcing in the HadGEM2-ES model

14:45    Ming Cai: A Decomposition of Feedback Contributions to Polar Warming Amplification: The role of clouds.

15:00    Andrew Dessler: Breaking down the short-term cloud feedback.

15:15    Sergio Sejas: Cloud feedback contributions to seasonality of surface warming due to an increase of CO2.


15:30    Coffee break


            Low-cloud feedbacks; Chairperson Brian Medeiros


16:00    Xin Qu: On the spread of changes in marine low cloud cover in climate model simulations of the 21st century.

16:15    Stephen Klein: Low-cloud optical depth feedbacks in climate models and observations.

16:30    Masahiro Watanabe: Mechanism of tropical low-cloud response to surface warming using weather and climate simulations by MIROC5.

16:45    Robert Pincus: Observational constraints on tropical low-cloud feedback from satellite observations.

17:00    George Tselioudis: Global Weather States and their Properties from Passive and Active Satellite Cloud Retrievals.

17:15    Discussion



            Tuesday June 11th - Max-Planck- Institute for Comparative and International Private Law


            Cloud-land surface coupling; Chairperson Cathy Hohenegger


9:00    Dominique Bouniol: Process-oriented assessment of CMIP5 simulations in the present climate along the AMMA transect.

9:15     Olivier Geoffroy: Estimation of cloud radiative impacts over West Africa, Niamey.

9:30     Françoise Guichard: Surface, boundary layer and cloud couplings over land in climate models: inferences from evaluation of SCM and CMIP5 simulations over West Africa.

9:45     F. Cheruy: Under-estimation of the evaporative fraction and of the low level cloudiness possibly responsible of the warm bias in the CMIP5 mid-latitude summer simulations over continental surfaces.

10:00    Hervé Douville: Regional cloud effects on biases and responses of European temperatures in CMIP5 models and COOKIE experiments.


10:15    Discussion


10:30    Coffee


            Precipitation in a changing climate; Chairperson Ming Zhao


11:00    Robin Chadwick: Spatial patterns of Precipitation Change in CMIP5: Why the Rich don't get Richer in the Tropics.

11:15    Boutheina Oueslati: Interpreting inter-model differences in regional precipitation projections.

11:30    Dagmar Popke: Analysis of precipitation changes with ECHAM6 in radiative-convective equilibrium mode.

11:45    Discussion


12:15    Walk to Hofbräuhaus Restaurant, 15 minutes away

12:30    Lunch


            The role of cloud organization; Chairperson Chris Bretherton


14:00    Sandrine Bony: How much does convective aggregation matter for climate ?                                 

14:15    C. Kodama: Cloud changes of multi-year simulations of NICAM and possible impact of the global warming on storm-track ice cloud.

14:30    A.T.Noda: Changes of cloud-size statistics and associated radiative forcing due to global warming in global cloud-resolving simulations.

14:45    Marat Khairoutdinov: Response of tropical cyclones to warming SST in radiative-convective equilibrium with rotation.

15:00    Discussion

15:15    Coffee



            Cloud-circulation coupling & COOKIE & CREAM; Chairperson Gilles Bellon


15:45    Benjamin Möbis: The influence of radiative effects on the double ITCZ problem.

16:00    Solange Fermepin: Influence of low-level cloud radiative effects on the tropical climate.

16:15    Deepa Raveendranpillai: Role of  radiative-convective instability in MJO.

16:30    Cathy Hohenegger: Cumulus congestus: Along for the ride?

16:45    Ming Zhao: An investigation of the connections between convection, clouds and climate sensitivity in a Global Climate Model

17:00    Thorsten Mauritsen: What if the Earth had an adaptive infrared iris?

17:15    Discussion

            Please note that today the venue must be vacated by 18:00 at the latest.


            Wednesday June 12th - Max-Planck- Institute for Comparative and Intern. Private Law


            LES/SCM and St-Cu transition cases; Chairperson Stephan de Roode


9:00     Gilles Bellon: Stratocumulus radiative effect and the multiple equilibria of the boundary layer.

9:15     Johan van der Dussen: Factors controlling rapid stratocumulus cloud thinning.

9:30     Wojciech Grabowski: Effects of cloud turbulence on collision-coalescence in maritime shallow convection.

9:45     Irina Sandu: Simulations of the composite transitions cases with the ECMWF SCM

10:00    Sara Dal Gesso: A mixed layer model perspective on stratocumulus steady-states in a perturbed climate.

10:15    Discussion


10:30    Coffee                                                                                                                                     


            CFMIP-GASS Intercomparison of LES and SCMs (CGILS) / Equilibrium phase space studies

11:00    Chris Bretherton: The Marine ARM GPCI Investigations of Clouds (MAGIC).

11:15    Chris Bretherton: Sensitivity of low cloud transitions to greenhouse warming.

11:30    Stephan de Roode: The sensitivity of stratocumulus clouds to perturbed large-scale conditions.

11:45    Sara Dal Gesso: Estimating the low-cloud climate feedback through steady-state analysis of single-column model.

12:00    Discussion


12:15    Walk to Hofbräuhaus Restaurant

12:30    Lunch


14:00    Minghua Zhang: Recap of 1st phase CGILS Results.

14:15    Chris Bretherton: Update on the CGILS LES intercomparison.

14:30    CGILS Phase II Discussion.


            Model evaluation and improvement; Chairperson Masahiro Watanabe


15:00    Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo: Solar radiation biases over the Southern Ocean in CFMIP2 models.

15:15    Grégory Cesana: Evaluation of the cloud thermodynamic phase in CMIP5 models using CALIPSO-GOCCP.


15:30    Coffee


16:00    Hideaki Kawai: Improvement of a Stratocumulus Scheme for Mid-latitude Marine Low Clouds.

16:15    Tsuyoshi Koshiro: Relationship between Low Stratiform Cloud Amount and Estimated Inversion Strength in the Lower Troposphere over the Global Ocean in Terms of Cloud Types.

16:30    Carlo Lacagnina: Evaluation of clouds and radiative fluxes in the EC-EARTH general circulation model using the ISCCP simulator.

16:45    Louise Nuijens: Temporal behavior of trade-wind cloudiness and its large scale thermodynamic and dynamic state: observations versus models.

17:00    Yoko Tsushima: Quantitative evaluation of the interannual variations in climate model cloud regimes and the assessment in climate change.

17:15    Discussion


18:00    Change of conference venue


18:15    Dinner with discussion


19:15    Continuation of discussions regarding results first and second day. Mutual discussion and prospects for the upcoming meetings.



            Thursday June 13th - Max-Planck- Institute for Comparative and International Private Law


            WCRP Grand Challenge discussion; Chairperson Sandrine Bony


9:00     Sandrine Bony/Bjorn Stevens: WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity

9:25     Mark Webb:  #1 Climate and Hydrological Sensitivity

9:50     Robert Pincus: #2 Leveraging the Past Record


10:15    Coffee


10:45    Pier Siebesma: #3 Coupling Clouds to Circulations

11:10    Aiko Voigt: #4 Changing Patterns: Easy Aerosols - a proposal to identify and study robust aerosol-induced circulation changes.

11:35    Masahiro Watanabe: #5 Towards more reliable models

12:00    Discussion


12:15    Walk to Hofbräuhaus Restaurant

12:30    Lunch


14:00    CFMIP/EUCLIPSE Synthesis papers discussion; Chairperson Björn Stevens


15:30    Coffee


            EUCLIPSE Discussions; Chairperson Pier Siebesma


16:00    Discussion of EU plans following EUCLIPSE


            Review EUCLIPSE WPs and deliverables


17:00    Stephan de Roode: WP3



            Friday June 14th - Max-Planck- Institute for Comparative and International Private Law


            Review EUCLIPSE WPs and deliverables; Chairperson Pier Siebesma


9:00     Sandrine Bony: WP2

9:15     Bjorn Stevens: WP4

9:30     Pier Siebesma: Discussion on remaining work/deliverables


10:30    Coffee


11:00    EUCLIPSE Summer School Discussion


12:15    Walk to Hofbräuhaus Restaurant

12:30    Lunch


14:00    EUCLIPSE Book Discussion

16:00    Meeting close